About This Blog


This blog is basically the narration and musings surrounding my developing knowledge of pottery and anything to do with clay.  Since I still consider myself a novice and am just branching out into self-teaching, I’m still experimenting with my style and “vocabulary.”  Hopefully as time progresses you’ll see a development of a clear and distinct style!  This blog will help to chronicle my adventures in mud-slinging, as well as provide a forum for discussion around any pottery-related articles/links I may stumble upon in my spare time and want to share.

It’s also a place for me to soapbox a little about the wonderful world of clay – I feel like everyone should work with it at some point in their lives!  There is something immensely peaceful and satisfying about watching a piece take shape from a formless lump of river mud.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please say hello – I’m always looking to start a conversation!  ^_^


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