Shows, Fundraisers, and Such

Hello all!

I’m a bit behind the 8-ball these days (always?).  I guess having a 9-5 gets in the way sometimes, especially when my poison of choice takes at least a half hour of travel to get to and thousands of dollars worth of equipment to make anything of use (that I wish I could afford right now).  My quilting is thriving!  My potting… not as much.  *sigh*  I am trying to work around that on a number of levels – there are a few things that I am disgruntled about, but I am actively looking for ways to address the objects of my ire.  More on that later, perhaps.

For now, I just want to shout out all of the amazing studio potters at La Mano who are having a show in the gallery from now until April 30th.  You can stop by the studio any time for the “Spring Fling” and take a look and (perhaps!) buy some of the beautiful pieces on display.  Some of it is truly spectacular work!  I missed the deadlines for this show (not to mention I didn’t feel like I had anything worth showing at the time they were asking for work), but there are other potters at the studio who are far more advanced and do some really lovely stuff.  Check out Bonnie Hanna, Pei-yu Lin, Nonna Hall, Bri Johnson, Danica Holoviak, and Sacha Jones especially!

Next up, on Saturday this weekend there will be a fundraiser for Kelley McKinnon, who recently had to have serious surgery and is now struggling to pay her medical bills.  You can visit the website with details here, but in case you don’t feel like clicking through, here’s the skinny:

Saturday, April 14th
The American Globe Theatre
145 West 46th Street
$15 at the door

You can also just donate by clicking on the link above and navigating to the “donate now” button.  There will be live music and entertainment as well as a raffle – I am donating a few of my pottery pieces to the raffle, as well as three commission tickets for some custom work.  Exciting!

There will be pictures up soon of a few more of my cylinders and some heart bowls (waiting for them to come out of the glaze kiln), and I’m looking to write another featured potter article soon.

Until then, I am yours in mud,



About SacredSpiralPottery

I am a novice potter who was blessedly introduced to clay in January of 2011. I've become totally addicted to mud and all of its amazing properties, and spend a good deal of time working on my own projects and helping out at a small private studio in Jersey City.
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