A Pending Announcement

Hello all and HAPPY AUTUMN!

This is my absolute favorite time of the year – the weather is beautiful, the air smells delicious, the colors inspire me to do SO MUCH ART… I love it!

I hope that everyone had a beautiful, fun, safe Halloween and that you are getting your autumn on this weekend (which is supposed to be lovely in the NY/NJ region, by the way)!  And I hope that you find inspiration to do something creative this weekend.  I’m really feeling the creative energy flowing!

I have a special (and super awesome) announcement to make, but I am going to wait until I have some pictures of some of my recent work to show with it (just because, you know, it doesn’t really count as a blog post here unless I can post a picture with it).  In the meanwhile, I can tantalize you with the thought of delicious pottery porn (*cough*)… I mean, pottery pictures – several of which will be of the casserole I threw.  Holy how, was that a labor-intensive process, but well worth it!  It ended up looking beautiful… now I just need to devise something to cook in it!

Also, it looks like (because my student debt is massive) I’ll be making pottery for all significant others in my life for the holidays.  Normally I’d feel a little bad about making gifts while I have a job, but I’m confident enough to say that my pottery is of a level that’s worth owning at this point.  Not to mention I’m REALLY feeling that whole vote-with-your-dollar/fork thing these days, and I’d rather not spend money at Big Box stores when I can give hand made and/or support local artists from Jersey City (there’s a craft fair there every Friday evening at the Grove Street PATH station).

Now that I’ve soapboxed a bit, I’m going to get back to tidying up the studio.  Stay tuned for that announcement, hopefully coming to you before the weekend is over!  ^_^

Happy potting,



About SacredSpiralPottery

I am a novice potter who was blessedly introduced to clay in January of 2011. I've become totally addicted to mud and all of its amazing properties, and spend a good deal of time working on my own projects and helping out at a small private studio in Jersey City.
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2 Responses to A Pending Announcement

  1. valeria says:

    Can’t wait for this! Also, hand made gifts are always the best since they are from the heart and soul of the maker!

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