Wow!  What a turnout!  The Art Start party on Friday was tremendous!  So many people showed up to support such a wonderful group, and all of the performing and visual artists that were present.  It was great!  And, especially awesome, Sacred Spiral Pottery got to donate $45 to Art Start purely from sales made at the party.  To everyone who purchased a bowl or jar from me – THANK YOU!  Not only did your purchase serve to boost my ego a little (yes!  people do want to own the things I make!), but it also went to serving a great cause in the New York City community.  Seriously – you guys rock!

Here are a couple of pictures of my table (after I took these, I proceeded to spend the rest of the evening chatting with folks and enjoying my bad self, so no other pictures got taken Friday, alas!):

So cute!  I figured, hell, for a first show, this was a good set up, and a lot of people came to look and admire.  It felt really nice, especially since I was competing for attention with some seriously amazing visual artists as well as awesome musicians and actors!  An all around feel-good night!

Just a quick update to give folks a rundown of the Art Start party (have I said thank you enough yet?  ^.^), and to let you know to keep your eyeballs peeled for an announcement of yet another show!  Hooray!

Have a beautiful week!

Yours in mud,



About SacredSpiralPottery

I am a novice potter who was blessedly introduced to clay in January of 2011. I've become totally addicted to mud and all of its amazing properties, and spend a good deal of time working on my own projects and helping out at a small private studio in Jersey City.
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2 Responses to Success!

  1. Max says:

    I like that your business cards say “Novice Potter”. I think you should be cheeky and have them say that even when you are clearly an expert.

    Also, yay for successful shows!

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