A Shift in Priorities

I’ve been silent here, at this point for way too long.  I’ve been working my butt off at the studio as often as I have time to go; I’m still taking classes and still working Sundays, and hopefully will be embarking on a sort of mentorship with one of the studio owners (tentatively, but still – exciting!).  And most importantly, I’ve come to an important decision about clay: I need it in my life.  And not in a passing fancy sort of way.  In a, I-have-finally-found-what-satisfies-my-hunger-to-create-and-be-whole-in-my-self sort of way.  It’s such a liberating feeling (though I’ve experienced a ton of frustrations, which I may or may not detail in this post… we’ll see).

First, let’s take a look at some of the work I’ve done!  Here is a sweet little pitcher I made – up until the point it was bisqued, the most perfect handle I ever did.  Alas, someone snapped the handle off, but it still works as a pitcher, and the glaze is really pretty!

Next up is a beautiful bowl I threw for my friends’ wedding.  This is still green; foolishly, I never took a picture of the finished bowl, but needless to say, I was really happy with it (else I wouldn’t have given the final product as a gift!).  I slipped the inside with Robin’s Egg Blue slip, carved out a line from a poem and the date of the wedding, and glazed the inside of the bowl clear.  The outside I stained with a copper carbonate wash.

A few closed forms – I’ve been playing with these more and more because they are just so darned fun to throw!!  Especially when I was told that you can blow clay (effectively) like glass.  SO.  AWESOME.

Here they are still wet, just off the wheel:

And here they are after they’ve been trimmed:

This particular piece is a testament to the happy accidents of clay (something to do with art not being about making mistakes, but knowing which ones to keep?).  I spent a long time very painstakingly trimming the lid of what I hoped would be a closed jar.  Then, of course, I dropped in on the floor.  I was devastated for the ten seconds it took me to realize that if I cut out a small hole in the base and lid and pulled the clay a little, I had a honey pot.  Hooray!

(for some absurd reason, I can’t get these to rotate.  boo!  will try to fix that as soon as I can, but I’ll be in CA for a week)

Some bowls – the bigger bowl is, to date, the largest I’ve thrown.  It’s already been bisqued once, and it still seems huge!  I’m so proud of it.  I just hope that it makes it through its glaze fire!


(holy crap so big!)


Clearly, the wonky shaped bowl became a planter – probably the nicest planter I’ve done so far!  It’s gonna have a pretty badass glaze, too, if it makes it through the kiln!

And finally, some awesome mugs.  These are both commissions and they are easily the best mugs I’ve made so far.  Here they are untrimmed:

And here they are transformed:

Yes.  Yes I am that awesome.  ^.^;  Seriously, I’m quite happy with these.  They are so lovely, and I can only hope they make it in the kiln – I put them in the room a little wet, hoping they’d dry before they were loaded.  If not, there’s a high likelihood of their exploding in the kiln.  Everyone cross your fingers!

Alas, that is all I have time for today.  I’m about to run out the door to catch my flight to San Fransisco.  But when I return (or perhaps while I’m away!), I shall explain the frustrations mentioned in the beginning of this post, as well as my tentative plans to spend more time throwing pots.

Also, there’s some new stuff up on the Etsy store!  Check it out!

Until later, my lovlies!


About SacredSpiralPottery

I am a novice potter who was blessedly introduced to clay in January of 2011. I've become totally addicted to mud and all of its amazing properties, and spend a good deal of time working on my own projects and helping out at a small private studio in Jersey City.
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